3 Important points to be taken care of, while choosing capital goods.

1) Price, Quality, and Service – Though the price is an important factor, it is more important to go for the product with good quality and better services. Always precheck for it from other users.

2) Structure and Organized – It is important to visit and check whether the capital goods manufacturer is structured and organized ( Proper designing and Quality assurance teams )because it will ensure his sustainability to provide services even after completion of the warranty period and ensures availability of spare parts in the long run. Secondly, it will ensure consistent quality.

3) Operational cost, Capacity, and other benefits – Go for the costly products whose additional cost gets set off within 2 years due to low operational cost or lower breakdown losses. Also verify the production capacities to be the same, as per committed by the supplier through other users or otherwise take a written guarantee for it. Check for other benefits you can get from the supplier like the arrangement of the team for operations or sales or any other hidden benefits.

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