3 Safety Tips to avoid Fire Risk

  • – At least 19 students died and 20 others suffered serious injuries in Surat
  • – Huge fire in Faridabad godown kills 3 in a nearby school, including 2 children
  • – Fire in Paper board plant in Ballabgarh killing 1 worker.

The above news becomes very common during summer seasons and creates huge losses of lives and money.

Recently a fire broke out in our factory too but thanks to Safety measures and the trained team we got control over it within 30 min without making any losses.

How did we do it?

Fire Audit
Audit your home and workplace for Fire Risk Assessment or get it audited from experts.

Preventive Measures and Safety devices.

  • Keep your workplace or home clutter-free ( papers, wood, and other flammable items)
  • Proper electrical fittings, no loose or damaged wires, panel area to be easily accessible to shut power in case of emergency.
  • Keep fully charged safety Gadgets (like fire extinguishers etc).
  • Keep heat producing equipment away from anything that might burn.
  • Store flammable items with utmost care.