3 steps to get rid of Machine Breakdowns.

1) Make the Preventive Maintenance checksheet – Make a preventive maintenance checksheet for the machine.
Please open the given link: https://goo.gl/JMtDTT . Download this Sheet and modify it according to your machine. Initially, you may face some challenges in identifying the checkpoints for your machine. Don’t worry just modify it as per you and your team knowledge initially and apply it and keep on modifying every time of machine breakdown.

2) Apply – Stick or Paste this sheet on your machine and ask the Operator ( or your Maintenance team ) to tick the points for which he has taken the action. Give him the required training for each point.

3) Monitor – Monitor weekly/Monthly for two things. 1. Checksheet is filled properly or not. 2 Is the operator/Maintenance supervisor working on checksheet religiously, your few questions to him will reveal the truth.

Modify, Apply, Monitor, and get the control.
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