7 Simple steps to become an expert in delegation of critical tasks.


The Growth of every team leader/ entrepreneur is directly proportional to the level of work he can delegate to his team and get the same or better results if he/she may be doing.

The Non-critical task can be delegated using the following simple strategies –

  • Strength – Delegate as per your analysis of the strength and weaknesses of each one.
  • System – Make complete process on paper including process flowchart, Instructions, and checksheets.
  • Training – Train your team as per the system you created.
  • Monitoring – Make a strong monitoring system to check the delegated task.
  • Reward -Acknowledge/ Reward the performers and motivate & re-train others.

Although the above strategies were working well for me when I was delegating simple tasks, in the case of Critical tasks (like Production planning of irregular items, Designing of some critical machines) I was failing or work done was not 100% satisfactory. Then in addition to the above points, I designed 3 more strategies that created wonderful results.

Mindset and Questions – Your mindset and subordinate mindset are at different levels. When you are working on a critical task, your mind is subconsciously asking some questions and you are taking care of subconsciously while working. But these questions are not coming to the mind of your subordinate. Ponder upon all such questions and write them in detail.

Reporting & Hand-holding – Ask your subordinate to prepare a report of delegated tasks, taking care that all the questions have been answered in that report and send it to you. Help and guide him/her occasionally. Even if you need to devote a few minutes to it , it is better than doing it yourself completely.