7 Simple steps to make your customers your brand Ambassadors.

Every business dreams of having customers zealously advocating for their brand with the same kind of steadfast loyalty that Apple and Google have proven is possible.

Turning a customer into a fan is not so hard if you can implement the following 7 steps.

Help Your customer

Help your customer to take the decisions which are right for them ( Be genuine )


Provide the product quality as per the specifications committed ( Try to give a little extra )

Be on time every time

Make systems to deliver the product on time every time ( Never over-commit ). if you fail once in a while Communicate with the customer, well in advance, ( Never hide )


Give good after-sales service. It is the most important. Also, keep taking the feedback and suggestions for improvement. It will help you improve further and secondly, the customer will feel connected with your company.


Communication is a highly important and most ignored part of the transaction.

  • Predispatch communication – Check for his urgencies , priorities or any delay or any added product required by him.
  • Dispatch time Communication – Update him dispatch details ( Truck no,Transport no., Driver no. expected date/time of reaching etc
  • After dispatch Communication – Check for quantity or quality (received by customer as per dispatch details).

Create Value

There can be multiple ways of creating value for your customer ( help him in arranging manpower, helping him in buying any raw material or in selling his product or anything you think it will help him).

Reference and Testimonial

Take Testimonials from customers ( customers will feel connected with your company and it will help you in attracting other customers ).

Don’t shy away from asking him to refer you to other customers.