Are you eating Plastic rice?


Plastic rice looks very similar to regular rice but is loaded with chemicals

Plastic rice is made up of chemicals like phthalates that can hamper your hormonal and reproductive system. Once they enter your system there might be very little you can do to get it out of your system.

The purpose of writing this mail to you is not to create panic but to educate you about the simple methods for identifying the plastic rice.

5 Simple identification methods –

Boiling test

The simplest way is to observe the rice. If it ends up forming a thick layer at the top of your container, it’s plastic.

Water test

Drop a glass of raw rice inside a glass of water and stir it. If it surfaces it’s plastic, as real rice cannot float.

Fire test

Burn a handful of rice with a lighter to see if it smells anything like burning plastic.

Hot oil test

Drop some rice into a pan with extremely hot oil (at least around 200 degrees). Plastic rice will melt and form a sticky layer at the bottom.

Fungus test

Put some of your boiled rice in a container and leave it there for 3 days. If you do not see fungus or mould in it by then it could very well be plastic.