Brown Rice Healthy or Myth?

1) After removing Husk from the Paddy surface we get brown rice and When the brown layer is removed by polishing brown rice we get white rice. The brown layer thus removed called bran is rich in Protein(Higher by 40%), Fibre (higher by 2%), and Oil, and the white is rich in carbohydrates. White rice spikes the blood sugar level that is why brown rice is preferred for people suffering from diabetes.

But does that mean Brown rice is healthy?

2. Brown rice has Anti Nutrient (Phytic Acid) which binds with minerals like Zinc, Iron, Magnesium in the food tract and removes them and thus affects the absorption of minerals in the body.

3) Brown rice has a Higher content of Inorganic Arsenic ( 80% higher than white rice ) increasing the risk of Bladder/lung/Skin cancer. It is always advisable to soak the rice in water in 1:6 (rice: water) for at least
half an hour before cooking to reduce the arsenic level.

4) Brown rice is also hard to digest as compared to white rice.

So if you are nondiabetic, white rice is always advisable.
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