Does your team know your Companies Mission?


When this question was asked to me by someone, I realized that even I could not tell it properly. And the reason was simple: we have not created it, but we have designed it by checking & manipulating the mission statement of a few other companies.

Whys Mission statement required?

  • If the Purpose of your company is just earning money (which it must be doing) then you don’t require any Mission statement. But will it motivate others?Will it not limit the growth?
  • It Motivates and Aligns everyone in the ecosystem because it connects with the heart as well as the head.
  • It Sets boundaries for decision making at every stage.
  • Mission motivates team to accept changes.
  • It helps in shaping strategy.
  • It provides a benchmark for valuation and improvement.

How to Create a Mission Statement?

  • The Mission statement answers the big question “why does your company exist”. The purpose must be genuine , transparent and relevant for everyone in the ecosystem ( Customers, Suppliers , service providers and all team members from top to bottom ) .
  • Involve everyone in your team while creating a mission statement.
  • It must answer the following questions
    • What do we do today?
    • For whom do we do it?
    • What is the benefit?

Does this make sense to you? Please read the book “Start with why” by Simon Sinek to go deep.