Our Story

Agromach Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Commonly Known as the “Agromach” had been the brain child of our M.D. Mr. Amit Kumar Aggarwal. We started as a sheet metal company in 2007 catering to the known brands like CS Electric, Birla Yamaha, Ericson , Motherson, Lohia Starlinger.

Mr. Amit  kumar Aggarwal being an Engineer himself  realised that in food grain processing industry there is a huge gap between the available options and quality expectations of customers .

Good quality products are too costly to be afforded by every one and local available options are not organised and lack innovations and quality.

To fill this gap company decided to start manufacturing food processing machinery. He appointed the team of engineers to design state of the art machines which are rugged, cost effective and maintenance free.

Agromach had always been at the forefront of finding solution to the pain points of customers with the existing machines available in the market. With our stress on the R&D . We have applied for 4 patents till date .

We are system driven company following the principle of Total Quality Management and lean manufacturing with a broader  Vision of “ Make in India” and “Made for the world “.

In a Short span of 10 years we have covered most parts of India and even spread our footprints to foreign countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Africa.


Our state of the art Food processing machinery is available for the following range.

Rice Mill         Flour Mill        Seed Plant     Spice Plant      Dall Mill

Cleaning and Grading for all types of Grains.


We at AGROMACH make sure to get the best and the latest management strategies like Poka-Yoke , 5S, kaizen etc. which helps in enhancing our productivity, maintaining good healthy environment  and happy client relationship .

Our mission is to help our customers in enhancing their profits and enrich the lives of everyone we touch and make them partner in our growth.


Our mission is to help our customers in enhancing their profit and enriching the lives of everyone we touch and make them partners in our growth.




To become the Global leader in providing solutions to Grain and Seed Processing Industries through our customer centric approach. Our vision  is  Continuous Innovation and creating world’s Best infrastructure through  Competent and highly motivated team while being  socially responsible.


1. Ethically and socially responsible -we will always uphold the highest level of ethics and social commitment .Compliant to all regulations in letter and spirit.

2. People Focused – We will create a work environment where people are motivated to give their best ,Culture of mutual respect and collaboration.Creating pride in people for the organization.

3. Creating customer delight – Always strive for surpassing customers’ expectations.

4. Operational Excellence-Pursuing for innovation in all areas. Do it Right First time every time approach and utilizing all lean manufacturing tools for operational excellence.

5. Integrity -Highest Level of Integrity and strong work ethics.


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