Paddy Parboiling & Steaming Solutions


High Strength

From angles to beams and sheets to stiffener of complete plant is designed and developed with great strength and good resistance to corrosion, high temperature and wind pressure.

Non-Toxic & Non-Corrosive

Soaking in Stainless Steel tanks is non-toxic, non- corrosive, environmentally friendly, user friendly and especially formulated in our Tank system. Together our workmanship and non-reactive stainless steel will not allow any toxic and corrosive material in the grain processing.

Long Life Span

Stainless steel does not fade or become discolored over time. It’s also a rust-proof and stain-resistant material, so it will maintain its shine and preserve all of the aesthetic qualities of your Parboiling for several years as compared to hot deep galvanized and enamel coated tanks.


Since all the connections of the different components are standard and 90% material is manufactured in our factory, the erection time is faster.

Flexibility of Expansion

Par-boiling plants can be easily expanded in length by adding additional bays. Also, expansion in width and height is possible by pre-designing for future expansion.

Does not affect flavor of grain

Stainless steel is one of the most hygienic surfaces available, so any grain that comes into contact with the surface or material does not attract dirt or germs. Stainless steel also does not react with any chemical composition in metals during cooking

What is Parboiling?

Parboiling of paddy is a hydrothermal treatment in which rice is produced by a process of soaking, heating, steaming and drying of paddy prior to milling. Parboiled rice is “par”-tially”boiled” (i.e. Partially Cooked Rice), Modifies the starch which drives natural vitamins & minerals from the bran into the grain. Water and steam are two essentials to transform the natural cereals into parboiled rice.


The paddy is soaked in the huge water-filled vessels for a specific time & temperature for a specific variety of rice. Special care is taken during soaking as different varieties require different water temperatures prevailing weather conditions This process increases vitamin-B in rice and decreases the percentage of broken grains in it. It also improves the hardness of Par-boiled rice which retains its shape even after cooking.


Steaming can change the physical structure of rice and keep the nutrition, to increase the production ratio and make rice easy to store or dry. It improves grain length and uniforms the colour of Par-boiled rice. This process of pre steaming softens the paddy, to achieve desired color of par-boiled rice, it reduces the soaking time of the paddy, It also increases the capacity of par-boiled rice to absorb water during cooking

Consequences of parboiling

  • Reduce grain breakage during milling.
  • Improves storage life.
  • Preserving Vitamins & minerals in the rice.
  • Rise Becomes gelatinized, making it harder & glasser than other rice.
  • Rice obtains a light yellow or amber color, Cools of glassy and separated
  • Produce a bran higher in oil contact compared to raw rice.

Parboiling Processes

We offer rice process flexibility of choice, without compromising on Quality. The parboiling technology range is available for small, medium Or large scale processing and is able to cater for a wide variety of rice Application according to customer specific requirement

  • Single stage single steaming
  • Single stage double steaming
  • Three stage double streaming

We offer a complete set of parboiling plant equipment series 30 T/D to 600 T/D, With high rice yield and uniform rice quality.

Single Stage Single Steaming

Single Stage Double Steaming

Three Stage Double Steaming

Parboiling Technical Solutions

Raw Paddy Storage Bins

Raw Paddy bins are generally made of stainless steel to ensure the strength and makes the bins more suitable for long term storage. These bins consist of panels which are bolted, Hoppers can be delivered in square and round outlets, and the roof is designed with two side inclinations.

Soaking Tanks

Stainless Steel soaking tank is made professionally for commercial soaking of paddy in the huge water- filled vessels at a particular temperature for a specific period of time. Our tanks have been designed to obtain a homogeneous soaking quality of the paddy, equally important for the soaking time of paddy , water quality and soaking temperature. These tanks are non-toxic and non-corrosive, meaning safer, cleaner and more hygienic in nature.


The Material is delivered in parboiling complete with Nut bolts, support construction, hoppers, Platform, roof of construction, Plant decks, ladders, etc. for outdoor or indoor installation. Due to the modular design and construction, the parboiling allows easy extension in case of later demands for higher processing volume.


Normally, the Parboiling is installed on a certified steel construction according to the plant design. Structural analysis and design for new/existing according to the parboiling process and storing facility of grain with civil and wind pressure parameters.


Our Parboiling Plant Ladders and cages are assembled from the floor to row section. Provided easy access to each section of the parboiling unit.


We used non Slippery Stainless Steel in both external and internal stages of parboiling.

Installed Parboiling Plants