Are you eating Plastic rice?

Team meetings are conducted to make the strategies, planning & find out the solution of challenges in the shortest time achieving the expected outcome.

To make your team meeting crisp, involving, and inspiring everyone – six rules must be followed –

  • Brainstorming at least a day before the meeting and writing all agendas to be discussed.
  • Write the outcome expected from the meeting.
  • Update agendas and expectations a day before to all the participants so that they can come with preparation.
  • Fix start date and end time of the meeting so that It gets completed on or before time.
  • Don’t allow anyone to deviate from the agendas and ensure that everybody gets an opportunity to present his views ( especially the introverted person )
  • Ensure someone is writing minutes of meeting .Fix target dates and responsibility and get it signed from all the participants and take timely updates.

Does this make sense to you? Please read the book “Meeting sucks” by Cameron Herold to go deep.